Abu Camp Offers Unique Elephant Experiences

On Saturday 20 January 2018, the Abu Camp, in the Okavango Delta – Botswana, was delighted with the birth of a new male elephant calf. 

He has been name “Motlotlo” meaning “pride”, and was born to Lorato.

Motlotlo takes his first few steps and like any new born is looking for a drink

Motlotlo is the first calf born to the Abu Herd in just over four years.  Lorato, Motlotlo’s mother, has been mated several times with different bulls so the Abu Camp Team have been expecting this little boy for some time now.  We are happy to report that both mother and baby are doing well, and that Motlotlo has been welcomed into the Abu Herd.

Abu’s successful elephant breeding is the direct result of the Herd spending significant time each day roaming the camps surrounding bush, before choosing to return to camp each evening.  Ideally, the new calf will return to the wild with other Herd members that have chosen to do so; this forms an integral part of the conservation programme at Abu Camp.

Guests at Abu Camp have the unique opportunity to meet Matlotlo, who weighs around 100kg / 220lb, during carefully controlled elephant interactions.  These interactions take place daily with strict controls being necessary to avoid any danger to our guests and stress to the calf or other members of the Herd.

Motlotlo is a testament to the important elephant conservation and research work being done at the Abu Camp.  By introducing elephants from the Abu Herd into the remote Okavango Delta wilderness, the Abu Camp Team are directly contributing to the future of Africa’s elephants.

At Sasiani we are extremely proud of our Partnership with Abu Camp and more importantly that we are directly contributing to elephant conservation in Botswana.  So, if you would like to contribute to Conservation Programs in Africa through Experience please call our Reservations Office to discuss your travel options.

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