Frequently Asked Questions

When planning your African safari, there are many questions that need answering. These vary from; are there ATMs’ available? can credit cards be used? do we need visas? do I need an international licence, is it safe? What medical and health precautions should I take? and so on……….  (when viewing this page on a mobile select heading then continue scrolling down to view page).


Booking a safari adventure can be a huge commitment and expense, we are dedicated to assisting you with your arrangements making the process an enjoyable and stress free journey.  The more information you provide on the Enquiry-Booking Form the easier it is to match you to your perfect safari and cater for any special needs.

We understand how important privacy is and guarantee that all your personal information will remain private and confidential.  See our Privacy Policy page.

International Car Licenses

If you are planning a Self-Drive Safari or would like to hire a vehicle you may require an international license / permit.  In some cases, it is a vehicle rental requirement and it is a useful form of photo identification.

An international license means:

  • You can legally drive in a foreign country without having to sit a domestic road-driving test
  • Proof that you hold a current driver license in your home country
  • You can drive in most foreign countries in case of an emergency (under normal international driver’s license / permit conditions).

In Australia view the or the equivalent website in your country of residence.


On safari you will need to carry a small amount of cash for personal shopping, tipping and if stipulated in your itinerary extra meals and any add ons (depending on safari booking).  Many camps throughout Africa accept major credit cards; Mastercard and Visa are the preferred however, Diners and American express are accepted in some establishments.  In the larger towns ATMs are available and credit cards are often accepted although if you intend to shop in markets or villages you will require a small amount of local currency.

For information about currency pertaining to a specific country go to Destinations in the above menu and select your country of interest..


Guest’s health and safety are paramount, and all our safaris, explorations, tours and courses have been designed with this in mind.  It is recommended that you and all members of your travel party visit a travel doctor months prior to departure this will allow sufficient time for all vaccinations to be administered, and to discuss malaria, vaccinations (prophylaxis), first aid kit, recommended medications and any other specific medical needs you may have.  Even if you do not require any vaccinations/prophylactics please check with your health department/travel clinic prior to departure, in the event there have been changes in the health regulations of the country you are visiting.

We recommend that guests travel with a basic first aid kit and a more advanced first aid kit if embarking on a Self-Drive Safari into remote regions.  All camps and lodges have basic first aid kits and some of the larger establishments have more advanced facilities.  Furthermore, if you have any special medical or hygiene requirements, we strongly advise you to bring these with you.  You should carry all personal medications on you together with the prescriptions and a doctor’s letter describing the medication and its use.

Australians travelling overseas are advised to visit  and all non-Australian guests are advised to visit the equivalent government travel website in their country of residence. If you have any health concerns please visit The World Health Organisation


Travel Insurance Designed for Adventurers – Simple & Flexible Policies

Travel is our speciality and our focus is to provide adventure experiences and travel insurance that go hand-in-hand ensuring you get the most out of your journey

Please note that it is a booking condition of Sasiani African Safaris that you take out full comprehensive travel insurance that includes medical and evacuation insurance, in the highly unlikely event of an incident.  We can assist with arranging a suitable travel insurance policy for you or your travel party.  Simply contact our Reservations Office for a copy of our Combined Financial Services Guide & Product Disclosure Statement and any additional information.

for more information contact us

Packing Tips

Your first consideration when packing is comfort followed by weight.  If you are transferring between lodges/camps by light aircraft, you must be mindful of luggage weight restrictions and pack using a soft travel bag that can be squeezed into the limited spaces in the cargo hold.  Two of the most important things to pack are your binoculars and camera.  Contact our reservations office for more packing tips that will help you fit everything you need into one small bag.  

Click Here For reservations office

Passports & Visas

Visitors to Africa must have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months beyond their intended departure date, together with onward travel documents, proof of accommodation and enough funds for the duration of their stay.  Also ensure that you have enough blank visa pages (not endorsement pages) in your passport, with at least two consecutive/side by side blank pages. Our recommendation is three pages (or even four if you are travelling through more than one country on your journey). 

Visa requirements and costs vary between countries and it is very important that you are aware of the entry requirements for each country you propose to visit.  The visa process is generally very simple, some entry points will require payment on entry into the country whereas other countries will not.  We recommend you visit or your government travel website for the country of residence stated on your passport.

Visa requirements vary depending on the nationality stated in your passport.

Note: if travelling with child/ren see ‘Travel Advisory’ in FAQ

Planning Your Safari

Planning an African Safari is a very involved process as everyone wants something different and we know that no two trips are the same.  Our objective is to take the stress and anxiety out of the planning and booking process by providing a personalised and seamless Booking Service.

When planning you not only need to decide what you would like to experience but also how much time to allocate for each destination.  Safaris, tours and experiences must be appropriately matched to satisfy both special interests and expectations, whether it’s spectacular scenery, conservation or adrenaline pumped activities, vibrant cultures, deluxe comforts or rustic camping.  With this in mind we encourage you to be involved in the planning process as the more we know about your desired experience the greater your safari success.

The difference between a great journey and an amazing journey is the planning, from the initial safari brief through to the completed itinerary.

We believe it is important that you are flexible, positive and adventurous so you get the most out of your experience.

“Remember Africa Beats To A Different Rhythm”


It is sensible to take basic precautions whilst travelling anywhere in the world.  We advise that you ask Tourist Information Officers, lodge, camp and hotel staff and residents about areas to avoid.

When travelling abroad you need to be careful and apply the same common sense and travel safety guidelines applicable in any major city around the world.


  • Do not carry or display valuables
  • Keep wallets and purses safely on your body in crowded areas
  • If carrying excess money do not keep it all in your wallet
  • Leave passports, airfares, and excess cash in the hotel safe or safety deposit box
  • Avoid walking at night especially on your own
  • Ask hotel staff about local areas and tourist attractions
  • Don’t wander around aimlessly, walk with confidence and ask for assistance
  • Get directions before you leave and use a map
  • At all times be aware of your surroundings and enjoy yourself
  • When on safari always pay attention to briefings and adhere to your guide’s instructions.
  • Be mindful that wildlife is active at night, so it is strongly recommended that you do not drive after sundown.

Safety Concerns

We all know that Africa has its fair share of problems however; social and political issues that dominate some countries and regions do not affect the entire 54 countries that make up the continent.  There are many countries and places that are safe and easy to travel. 

Africa has many different cultures and health issues and we advise all travellers to visit the government’s Smart Traveller website or your country equivalent, before committing to a destination.  We work closely with our teams in Africa to ensure that all areas and regions our safaris, explorations and courses run are safe and free from conflict and major health risks.  We continually monitor activities and health concerns throughout the continent.  

We highly recommend that all Australians travelling overseas register their travel plan with  If you live outside Australia, we recommend you register your travel plan with the equivalent government travel website in your country of residence.

Travelling with Children to or from Botswana & South Africa

It is your responsibility to ensure your child or children’s travel documents are valid and correct at the date of travel departure.  For more information about travelling with children in South African please visit

Urgent Please Note:  if entering, departing or transiting South Africa or Botswana with child/ren see ‘Travel Advisory Below’


NOTE: If entering, departing or transiting South Africa or Botswana with child/ren.  All passengers under 18 years of age will need to present an unabridged birth certificate (a birth certificate that reflects the particulars of both parents of the child/children) as well as a valid passport when entering, departing or transiting South Africa and Botswana.  A sworn translation (certified/authenticated) in English should accompany all documentation in a language other than English.

For single parents, or those travelling alone with child/ren, the following must be provided:

  • An affidavit (no more than 3 months old on the date of travel) in which the absent parent gives consent for the child to travel, or
  • A court order granting full responsibilities or legal guardianship of the child, or
  • The death certificate of the absent parent.

It is solely the responsibility of each traveller and parents travelling with children to ensure all travel documentation and visas are in order before departure.  For more information please refer to in Australia or the equivalent travel website in your country of residence.

Website Pricing

The pricing on our website is predominately based on a minimum of two people sharing (per person sharing).  Seasonal costs vary considerably depending on the itinerary, so these factors must be taken into consideration when planning your safari budget. 

Note: All pricing on website is in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Quotations are subject to the availability of all accommodation and services at the time of booking any reservation.

Please note quoted estimates are subject to change in the event of any unforeseen increases in fuel costs, currency fluctuations (relevant to aircraft or transfer services) and/or Government levies/taxes and more.  See our Terms and Conditions.

Will I Pay More Booking Through An Agent?

Generally, you will save more when you work with our Travel Specialists because we have buying power and can negotiate on your behalf.  Furthermore, our dedicated travel teams have done the research saving you both time and money.   We strive to provide a seamless Booking Service.

Cheap safaris and tours often result in guests feeling dissatisfied and at times cheated. The reason many safaris and tours are inexpensive is they are often in areas with limited or no animals meaning you need to drive for hours to wildlife hot-spots or that they simply have not included the cost of activities you wish to experience, and require extra payments.

At Sasiani we are completely transparent, so you know exactly what is included and excluded in each itinerary, all optional extras and most importantly what to expect. We believe our journeys are as much about the experience as meeting expectations and pride ourselves on offering a first-class travel service and excellent value for money. 

Sasiani would be delighted to bring your African safari dream to life.

Don’t Just Dream It – Live It!