Responsible Shopping & Travel in Africa

The thrill of seeing Africa’s iconic and not so iconic wildlife is what draws people to Africa each year.  In order to help preserve these amazing animals we ask that you shop responsibly and not purchase or support the illegal wildlife trade or poaching.  You can do this by avoiding the purchase of items made from ivory, rhino horn, tusks, animal skins, feathers, shells, hooves, bone and any other wildlife by-products; also we strongly recommend you avoid eating all bush meat.

The above photograph is the most poached and illegally trafficked mammal in the world, the Pangolin, and like many other endangered species have been pushed to the brink of extinction by these activities.  Pangolins are hunted and killed for body parts to make superstitious Asian medicine, and cheap jewellery and souvenirs for the tourist market.

So please, when shopping carefully consider what your item is made from – If you are unsure ask!

To travel responsibly is simple; respect the people, their cultures, traditions and environments, apply social etiquette and most importantly respect the wildlife and natural world – make the places you visit better for your experience.