Beverly Joubert with Maasi Tribe
African tribe in traditional clothing - Kenya - Sasiani African Safaris

Creating Life Changing Journeys

Sasiani African Safaris is a Boutique Tour Operator specialising in Conservation-Conscious and Ethical Safaris in Southern and East Africa.  We offer the perfect blend of authenticity, destinations and comfort in the style of your choice and away from mass-tourism; with our knowledge and extensive network connecting you with the best value for money, although it is our diversity that distinguishes us.

In partnership with some of Africa’s oldest and most experienced Safari operators we offer stylish bespoke itineraries and scheduled group departure safaris that cater for discerning to budget conscious travellers, intrepid adventurers and travellers with physical disabilities.  Our focus is to enrich lives through life-changing experiences and inclusive travel. 

Our itineraries often include Africa’s last remaining wilderness regions and some of the world’s greatest wildlife hotspots; with many incorporating luxury to more rustic safari camps, lodges and adventure activities along with unique cultural tours, conservation experiences and more…  More importantly, our safaris offer some of the most easily accessible and intimate wildlife viewing on the continent as well as exclusive access to private concessions not available to the general public.

Journeys are as much about the experience as meeting expectations – it’s all in the details.

African safari tours from Australia

Walking with an Abu elephant - Sasiani African Safaris

  Journeys Perfect For Both Seasoned & First-Time Travellers

As Well As Independent Solo Adventurers

Our safaris, some of which are reminiscent of the Great African Expedition camps of an era gone by, journey through exquisite and at times remote wilderness regions, orchestrate intimate wildlife encounters, offer exclusive interactive cultural experiences, and this is only a taste of what is on offer.  African Safaris from Australian and African Holidays.

  Truly Extraordinary Community & Conservation Conscious Travel

‘It’s the realness that etches in your memory’

Before the trek dancers stir the mood at Volcanoes National park, Bisate Lodge, Wilderness Safari, Rwanda

– We are Dedicated to Wildlife Conservation and Making a Difference – 

Lion collaring - Interactive Conservation Tourism - Namibia
Scorpion Anti-poaching team member beside snares found in the bush - Zimbabwe
Elephant Collaring Project - Hwange National Park - Zimbabwe

“What Some Guests Are Saying”

“We have had a fantastic and amazing holiday with endless adventure.  I really appreciated your service it was outstanding.  Throughout the period there was good and constructive communication, networking and the sharing of great knowledge, and a very trustworthy service, and therefore have spread the word around my network.  Your quick feedback testifies how professional Sasiani is and it has been a pleasure to work with you.  We can highly recommend Sasiani African Safaris. Thanks again for your help-support and professional interaction”.

Henrik – Denmark

“Awesome! within an hour of arriving at Kasane we’re in the action – elephant, giraffe, zebra, buffalo, crocodile, antelope and more. Adrenalin from the start to the finish. Great food, fantastic accommodation, simply amazing! Our guide and support crew were entertaining, knowledgeable and efficient. Everything was perfect!  Thanks, Sasiani for the experience of a lifetime”.  

Fran Holloway – Aus

“Sasiani was highly recommended to me by my family.  Sasiani took care of everything, so I was well received at each of the three mobile safari tours I booked.  I had a blast!  Each day was filled with heart-thrilling wonder. Really. It was a “first” in a lifetime adventure that I am determined to repeat. I’m going again!”.  

Veronica Adamson – US


Sasiani Inspires Travellers to Experience The Extraordinary


Our multi-award-winning partners not only showcase pristine wilderness and unique regions renowned for their vibrant cultures and natural ecosystems, but also their biodiversity.  As strategic leaders in conservation and sustainable tourism they are acclaimed as some of the world’s finest African Safari Tour Operators and Ecotourism Companies.  Therefore, we collectively know what works to make the perfect safari a reachable reality.  African wildlife safari tours from Australia and African Holidays

“Once you experience this remarkable continent, its people and wildlife they become part of your essence and you will be drawn back time and time again”





Don’t Just Dream It – Live It!