Who We Are

Sasiani African Safaris is committed to providing you with an authentic Africa experience through ethical business and safari practices.  Although it’s our passion that drives us to reconnect people with nature through our diverse collection of professional experienced based, conservation conscious and personalised safaris.

We work closely with our like minded partners who are locals to the regions we operate meaning we always have first-hand updates. Collectively we make tourism and conservation work as one.  As a Conservation Advocate Sasiani progressively supports safari companies engaging Responsible, Inclusive and Visionary Practices as well as Environmental Sustainability through Conservation and Eco Tourism.

We are fully committed to our guest’s experiences and the health of the environment they travel.  We do not inject money into glossy marketing merchandise rather we financially contribute to non-profit organisations that protect and support local communities, wildlife, wilderness regions, vulnerable eco-systems and conservation initiatives in Africa as well as Australia. 

In essence we are about creating unforgettable memories and travel experiences that educate and positively change the way guests view sustainable travel and the natural world. Ideally, we want our guests to become conservation ambassadors.

Sasiani’s Journey

Amazing journeys often begin with a vibrant history and there is no exception for our Founder and African Travel Specialist, Caroline Berkeley, whose African legacy spans more than 100 years. As an international travel and networking expert, environmental scientist and dedicated naturalist Caroline has combined 30 years of management and her passion for the natural world with National Geographic Explorers and some of Africa’s most established conservation tourism and ecotourism safari companies.

Caroline’s true passion for Africa’s blossomed during a research placement in Kruger National Park, South Africa, many years ago. Throughout this time, she envisioned becoming an African Tour Operator specialising in diversity and personalised services that reconnect people with nature; making each experience unique. Additionally creating adventure opportunities for not only the travel enthusiast but also the physically disabled. Subsequently, this placement was the seed that has been nurtured to become Sasiani African Safaris.

As a self-proclaimed adventurer some of Caroline’s escapade credits include; driving the vastness of Namibia’s deserts, cycling in the Kalahari, traversing Northern Botswana, exploring The Okavango Delta, walking amongst Africa’s iconic wildlife and working on rhino, elephant and ecology field research projects in South Africa. Her travel adventures have taken her around the world, in addition to working in America, Australia, England, Scotland, Fiji, New Zealand, Samoa, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Sasiani – Looking out from the front porch – 1949

What’s in the Name Sasiani

Sasiani African Safaris was proudly named after Caroline’s family farm near Eldoret in Kenya.  Her grandfather, Ronald Berkeley, named the farm after the Sosiani River (with a slight spelling adjustment) that snakes through the heart of Eldoret, giving life to the town.  The name “Sasiani” perfectly depicts Ronald; he was a passionate and spirited adventurer, dedicated conservationist and advocate for the people.   

Sasiani is the Perfect Name.  

Why Choose Sasiani?

Quite Simply! We Offer Excitement, Educational Adventures, Cultural & Conservation Experiences along with some of the Best Wildlife Viewing in East and Southern Africa

We also offer high-end luxury to more budget friendly safari options with our portfolio consisting of not only the industries finest but the world’s finest African Safari Tour Operators and Suppliers, with our reliable and dedicated African teams having over 38 years professional on the ground experience preparing authentic safaris from beginning to end – you can’t get better.