The Victoria Falls Hotel Fight Against Pollution

Victoria Falls Hotel - Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls is without a doubt a bucket list destination, but there is more to this region than meets the eye, not only one of Africa’s action playgrounds but also a region leader in the fight against plastics pollution and waste.  This achievement is the direct result of many however, there is one business in particular that is making progressive changes and a significant difference and that is none other than the world famous ‘Victoria Falls Hotel’.

As an environmental advocate Victoria Falls Hotel supports the “Keep Victoria Falls Town a Clean & Green Destination” campaign, which this year has the theme “Beat Plastic Pollution”.   Many of the hotels dedicated and environmental conscious staff took to the street to collect litter and raise awareness.  Additionally, the hotel has initiated in conjunction with the Victoria Falls Municipality and Greenline Trust a recycling project aimed at reducing the amount of waste and litter delivered to the local dumpsite.  All non decomposable materials such as plastics, glass, tin cans, paper and general waste that would normally be dumped are now being sent to the local recycling plant, and all of the decomposable kitchen waste is taken to the hotels worm farm for vermi-compost production that is used by the conservation focused garden team, who strive to produce first grade vegetable and herbs for the hotels restaurants.

The Victoria Falls Hotel is one of Africa’s legendary icons and boasts spectacular views of the Victoria Falls Bridge and the spray from the Falls below

Victoria Falls one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world, the falls spans more than 1,700m and is made up of five different waterfalls; four of these falls are in Zimbabwe: Devil’s Cataract, Main Falls, Rainbow Falls and Horseshoe Falls; the other, the Eastern Cataract, is in Zambia, but is fully visible from the Boiling pot viewing station.  Victoria Falls are approximately twice the height of Niagara Falls on the Canadian-US border, and their thunderous roar can be heard up to 40km kilometres away, and forces a column of spray and mist almost 500m into the air, drenching the surroundings in a fine and sometimes heavy mist.  This is why the locals call the falls: Mosi-oa-Tunya or the ‘Smoke Thunders’. 

Best Time to Visit

As we see the end of Victoria Falls winter and move into Spring and Summer, the time of year that brings life, the deciduous trees still leafless wait for the inevitable Summer rains to restore foliage and colour, and as the bushveld dries out the wildlife move closer to the mighty Zambezi River and other water sources making this time of year excellent and effortless wildlife viewing – great news for visitors!  The flow of the might Zambezi River is decreasing in intensity as we come to the end of the dry season and the rivers will only start rising again after the heavy summer rains return to central Africa at the end of the year. This is an amazing time of year to visit the falls as the volume of water thundering into the chasm is still impressive but with less spray restricting the view.

To be truthful, there is no best time of the year to visit the Victoria Falls Hotel, World Famous Falls and township as there is a special something here that Refreshes the Soul all year round!

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