African Travel Tips – Week Three

Cultural Experience - Namibia

Through years of experience I’ve found the more prepared you are, the more African Travel Tips you get, the more enjoyable your travels!


Firstly, make sure you have your money in order; this will save a lot of hassles and a great deal of time as ATM’s and Banks are not always readily available.

Before departure it is a good idea to purchase some local currency of your destination.  ATM are available in most large towns and many camps and lodges accept major credit cards: Mastercard and Visa are the preferred however, Diners and American express are accepted in some establishments.  At the time of booking we will advise you of the accepted credit cards at your lodgings. 

Never keep all of your money in one place.

If travelling with a large quantity of money it is suggested that you keep the greater percentage in your camp or lodge safe along with your passport and other travel documents.

If you plan on doing a bit of local shopping at the markets or villages, you will require some local currency.

It is wise to travel with an extra US $500 in case of an emergency.

Gratuities varies from region to region however, as a general guideline work on 10 – 15%.  Keep in mind that you are not required to tip retail outlets, with the exclusion of eateries but, if a driveway attendant washes your windscreen, he/she will expect a small tip.  We will provide you with gratuities details at the time of booking your safari.  Also, be mindful of people who insist on carrying your bags particularly in airports as they tend to demand large tips. 

Tips when Travelling Around

To get the most of your experience make sure you understand the local transport system, if applicable.

If you require a taxi ask at your lodge, hotel or B&B reception if they have a preferred taxi service or individual driver.

Always travel during the day unless you are very familiar with your surroundings.

Travelling alone is not an issue if you take the necessary precautions that apply virtually everywhere else in the world. 

Don’t travel alone at night.

Always dress for the occasion, do not wear inappropriate clothing, short shorts, shorts skits, plunging neck lines or camouflage clothing.  When in Rome do as the Romans do.

Register your travel itinerary with your country of residence government travel website.

Leave full details of your travel itinerary and travel insurance with family or friends at home.

Hiring a car, each country has different drink driving laws.  Please note that your car rental insurance will not cover you in the event of an accident if you have consumed alcohol.  

For your own safety always wear your seat belt.

Exercise caution when travelling in remote regions and advise the lodge you are staying with of your movements.

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Himba People of Namibia

Remember, walk with confidence and vigour as you are less likely to be noticed

These African Travel Tips are only suggestions, ultimately it is up to you to use your discretion and travel safely

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