Conservation Safaris

Botswana, Namibia & Zimbabwe

Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience’ 

Safaris and interactive journeys crafted to offer guests access to unique experiences or privileged, behind-the-scenes conservation and community projects run by our in-country partners.

Lioness relaxing on a sand dune - Lion Research Project Namibia
Interactive Safari – Track Rare Desert Adapted Lion – Search for Desert Elephants & Engage with the Damaraland Communities
Darmaraland – Namibia
6 Days | 5 Nights
Scheduled Itinerary 15 – 20 November 2019
We offer you access to a unique and privileged, behind-the-scenes conservation and community project.
On this journey… Learn about the superbly adapted carnivores (lion & brown hyena) of the Namib Desert with well-known local authorities. Join lion rangers and researchers in tracking lions in this stark yet amazingly spectacular country and search for rare desert elephants.
You will never feel so alive – it’s like being in a wildlife documentary!
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Actively engage with rural communities to understand pastoralism, local culture and human-wildlife conflict. Stay 5 nights at the beautiful Damaraland Camp, North West Namibia.
“Each journey we create is motivated by our passion to share our love for, and need to conserve the natural world and all the beautiful creatures & biomes that make it complete”.
‘Every Journey You Take With Us Makes A Difference’
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Abu Camp – Elephant Walking & Interactive Safaris
Set in an age-old riverine forest in the heart of the Okavango Delta, Botswana, Abu Camp offers the extraordinary privilege of interacting with African elephants; meeting the individuals, walking with them, and being part of a herd makes this a unique experience.
Game drives, walks (on request) and mokoro trips takes in the diversity of the local wildlife.
Abu Camp is based on elephant conservation and centred around your comfort.
– Safaris Like No Other –
This Is Truly The Ultimate Experience!
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Abu’s six luxurious, explorer style tents blend seamlessly into their natural surroundings.  Each has a tree-shaped deck with a private plunge pool overlooking a lagoon surrounded with wildlife. The main area features a well-stocked library and study; there is a gym for the energetic. In addition, Abu has a one-of-a-kind Star Bed set over the Abu Herd’s boma and guests can spend a night here, being lulled to sleep listening to the elephants rumble below.

Abu Camp is based on elephant conservation, believing that its elephant herd members help raise awareness about plight of the species as a whole, and supporting meaningful scientific research projects. The Abu Herd members are ambassadors for elephant conservation, with several elephants being reintroduced to the wild. These elephants have remained in the Abu Concession, and bring much delight all round when their wanderings bring them close to Abu Camp.

The opening photo is the grand Abu Dining Room.

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